Recommended Reading List

Recommended Reading List

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Every trader should read widely, it is one of the best ways to improve your trading. The best traders are inquisitive by nature and constantly question what they believe to be true. No matter how much you know about trading there will always more to learn. It is one of the reasons we recommend traders become students of the markets.

While we contribute a significant amount to the trading community we acknowledge that we are by no means the authority on trading. We advise you take a healthy level of skepticism with the content produced here and don’t take anything as true just because we say it is. There are a number of books that every self-respecting trader should read because they carry 90% of all you need to know about trading. They provide more signal than noise.

The following is our recommended reading list. These books can be picked up relatively cheaply on Amazon or The Book Depository.

  1. Reminiscences of a Stock Operator – Edwin Lefevre – Read this book before you start trading and then again every six months to a year. You will learn something new every time you read it.
  2. Market Wizards – Jack D. Schwager 
  3. New Market Wizards – Jack D. Schwager 
  4. Stock Market Wizards – Jack D. Schwager
  5. Hedge Fund Market Wizards – Jack D. Schwager
  6. Trading in the Zone – Mark Douglas 
  7. Trading for a Living – Dr. Alexander Elder 
  8. The Disciplined Trader – Mark Douglas  
  9. Options Futures and Other Derivatives – John. C. Hull. 
  10. Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom – Van K. Tharp 
  11. Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets – John Murphy
  12. Fooled by Randomness – Nassim Nicholas Taleb
  13. Way of the Turtle – Curtis M. Faith
  14. Come into My Trading Room – Dr. Alexander Elder
  15. Flash Boys – Michael Lewis

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