This blog will have a few themes all of which center around continuously improving as a trader and as a person.


Mental Models/Decision Making

As traders, the decisions you make are your product. You will be paid based on the quality of your judgement. Small improvements in your decisions and judgement can yield exponentially better results over the long term. For this reason decision making will be a key focus on this blog. Improve your decisions, improve your trading.


There is a lack of honest, quality content that accurately describes what it takes to succeed in the markets. Too often trading is glorified by those promoting a quick path to easy money, low working hours and a nomad lifestyle. Nothing could be further from the truth. I think it’s important that anyone entering the industry get an honest account about professional trading. It is important to understand the markets for what they really are and not what you want them to be, in all of its complexities, all of its ups and downs, warts and all.


Over the years I’ve cataloged my own mistakes in an attempt to learn and grow from them. I will write a lot about my own mistakes and mistakes I’ve seen others in the industry make. There have been a lot. Hopefully by sharing these mistakes you can cut some time off your learning curve or pick up some new ideas. It will give you an insight into the struggles that myself and my peers have faced. If you’re new to trading have a quick look around and see if you can benefit from where I have stumbled.


Finally, I am very aware of the amount of information traders consume on a daily basis, much of which adds little or no value. Any I content I put forward here will be done so in an honest attempt to create value and give actionable advice that benefits you in the long run. I will make an effort to be respectful of the time you take to read the blog, cutting out unnecessary fluff or bullshit. The aim is to have more signal than noise.